November 05, 2014

green banana ice

ingredients :
100 grams wheat flour
15 grams cornflour
15 grams corn starch
250 mL coconut milk
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp pandan paste

sauce :
300 mL coconut milk
40 grams cornflour
1/2 tsp vanilla
3 plantain bananas
150 grams sugar
ice cubes

How to make :
1. mixed all flour, give salt, coconut milk and pandan paste
2. stir, steam for 10 minutes. lift
3. grab the dough, trimmed, put a banana in the middle. banana lid with dough and roll
4. move banana rolled up banana leaves, roll and steamed
5. for sauce, mixed all ingredients. stir. cook until boiling and thickened. lift
6. serve green banana ice, piece of banana. give ice cubes, syrup and sauce.

October 24, 2014

fruit pudding

ingredients :
Bottom layer :                                                                                      
1 bottle sweetened condensed milk                              
900 mL water                                                              
1 pack white gelatin (white agar-agar)                          
2 yellow eggs, little shake                                            
1 teaspoon essence almond                                        
little vanilla                                                                    

Top layer  :
500 mL water
1/2 pack orange gelatin (orange agar-agar)
4 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon lime juice
 little vanilla

garnish :
grapes red globe and kiwi fruits

How to Cook :
Bottom layer :
1. Mixed milk and water
2. Cook white gelatin with 500 mL water, give little vanilla, milk solution
3. before boiling, put the mixture into yellow eggs, stir and do not clot, and then boiling again
4. lift, after warm give essence almond
5. Pour into serving glasses 1/2

top layer :
1. boiling water, orange gelatin, sugar, salt and vanilla
2. Lift and give lime juice

Manner of presentation :
1. Enter kiwi and grapes red globe into glass contain bottom layer
2. pour into glass top layer. cooling

October 23, 2014

Banana Grilled Cheese

Ingredients :
4 bananas (kepok)
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon honey
grated cheddar cheese

How to Make :
1. peeled banana and flaked
2. give banana with butter and grilled
3. lift and give honey. sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese

orange lassy

ingredients :
1 pack orange jelly
600 mL water
5 tbs sugar
1 sunkist citrus fruit, peeled, cut into pieces
5 tbs orange syrup
5 tbs orange yogurt
200 mL water
ice cubes

How to Make :
1. mixed orange jelly, 600 mL water and sugar. cooked until boiled. lift and pour into molds. small pieces
2. blender sunkist citrus fruit, orange syrup, orange yogurt, 200 mL water and ice cubes
3. enter orange jelly in a glass and give orange juice

seaweed ice

ingredients :
250 grams  liquid sugar
50 mL cocopandan syrup
50 grams basil
100 grams seaweed
75 grams kolang kaling
75 grams candied fruits
75 grams gelatin (agar-agar) small pieces
ice cubes

How to make :
mixed all ingredients and served with ice cubes

October 21, 2014


ingredients :
750 mL coconut water
100 grams coconut, long shaved
300 grams cucumber, long shaved
1/2 teaspoon basil, soaked
100 grams aloe vera
1/2 tablespoon lime water
100 mL vanilla syrup
200 grams ice cubes

How to Make :
1. mixed all ingredients
2. served with ice cubes

September 18, 2014

soda fruit pudding

ingredients :
1 pack white gelatinous
100 grams sugar
600 mL water
1/2 kg cantaloupe fruit, shaved
200 mL sweet soda water
basil fruit

how to make :
1. cook white gelatinous, sugar, water until boiling
2. mix cantaloupe fruit
3. pour in a glass, freeze with oblique
4. give sweet soda water and  basil fruit

September 15, 2014

soursop puding

ingredients :
materials I :
500 mL soursop juice
1 packet white gelatinous
100 grams sugar

materials II :
500 mL liquid milk
1 packet white gelatinous
100 grams sugar

decorator :
200 grams cocktail

how to make :
1. mix all materials I, cook until boiling
2. insert pudding mold
3. mix all materials II, cook until boiling
4. enter on top pudding mold I
5. remove from mold
6. garnish with coctail

orange float

ingredients :
75 grams mandarin orange
100 mL orange juice
150 mL sweetened condensed milk
50 mL fresh milk
50 mL orange syrup
ice cubes
2 scoop vanilla ice cream

how to make :
1. blender all ingredients except ice cubes and vanilla ice cream
2. pour in a glass, give ice cubes and vanilla ice cream on top

September 11, 2014

apel squash

ingredients :
200 grams apple, small pieces
300 mL apple juice
300 grams ice cubes
1320 mL white soft drinks

How to Make :

  1. blender apple, apple juice and ice cubes.
  2. pour in a glass, give white soft drinks

purple dream

ingredients :
200 grams grapes
3 slice pineapple
20 mL sugar water
10 mL cocopandan syrup

How to make :
1. blender all ingredients
2. pour into a glass filled with sugar
3. the glass garnished with apple slices, kiwi and grapes

banana ice cream

ingredients :
sweet banana                                              
caramel sauce
topping (chocolate chips, chopped nuts)      
vanilla essence
peanut butter                                                
little rum

How to make :
1. peeled bananas and freeze bananas
2. mix all ingredients except topping
3. give topping on top ice cream...heemm...yummy

September 10, 2014

Mango citrus

ingredients :
150 grams mango fruit
2 tbs lime liquid
3 tbs honey
100 mL warm water

how to make :
blender all ingredients

watermelon Punch

ingredients :
300 grams watermelon
100 mL watermelon syrup or chocopandan syrup
ice cubes
200 mL sweet soda
How to Make :
1. blender watermelon, syrup and ice cubes
2. enter in the glass and give sweet soda

strawberry milkshake

ingredients :
300 grams strawberry
200 grams strawberry ice cream
200 mL milk
5 tbs strawberry syrup
200 grams ice

How to Make :
1. blender all ingredients
2. enter in the glass, strawberry milkshake can be served

blue ocean ice

ingredients :
150 mL blue soda
ice cubes to taste
1 tbs basil fruits
2 tbs mango syrup

How to make :
1. enter mango syrup in the glass
2. add basil fruits, blue soda and ice cubes

September 08, 2014

roasted banana cheese

Ingredients :
4 bananas kepok fruit
1 tbs butter
1 tbs honey
cheddar cheese, grated

How to Cook :
1. Peeled bananas, flatten
2. basting with butter and baked on grill
3. lift and basting honey
4. sprinkle cheddar cheese

September 05, 2014

fruit salad

ingredients :
200 grams apple, cut into small squares
200 grams grapes, cut into two
200 grams mango, cut into small squares
200 grams strawberry, cut into four
200 grams lettuce, cut into small

sauce :
150 mL mayonnaise
50 grams cheddar cheese, grated
50 grams full cream milk
1 tbs lime juice
1/2 tbs lime peel, grated

how to make :
1. enter all ingredients in refrigerator until cool
2. mix all ingredients sauce, except cheddar cheese
3. mix all ingredients and sauce, give cheddar cheese on it
4. fruit salad can be served

chicken grill

ingredients :
1 young chicken
100 grams tomato
100 grams peppers
100 grams lettuce
1 tbs salt
1 tbs pepper powder
100 grams butter

How to cook :
1. cleaned chicken, discard the head and legs, give salt and pepper powder
2. enter in the oven, roast until mature the chicken
3. every 15 minutes, chicken gived butter
4. chicken remove from oven
5. make sauce tomato give little orange juice and chunks garlic

September 04, 2014

rambutan fruit juice

ingredients :
200 grams rambutan fruit
100 mL water
1 tablespoon syrup cocopandan

How to make :
1. rambutan fruit peeled, discard seeds
2. mix rambutan fruit, syrup and water, and then blender
3. rambutan fruit juice can be served with ice

watermelon juice

ingredients :
200 grams watermelon
2 sdm sugar
200 mL water

How to make :
1. cutting watermelon small pieces

2. enter in blender, mix with sugar, water and ice
3. watermelon juice can be served in glass

mango juice

ingredients :
4 pieces mango arum manis or other mango
2 sdm sugar
400 mL water

How to Cook :
1. peeled mango, cutting small
2. Enter in blender, mix with sugar, water and ice
3. mango juice can be served with glass...yummy....

September 03, 2014

ice teler

ingredients :
2 grains young coconut, shaved
2 avocado, shaved
200 grams jackfruit, cutting small
100 grams kolang kaling (maybe only in indonesian)
1/2 liters syrup cocopandan
100 grams milk full cream
shaved ice to taste
400 mL coconut water
200 grams sugar

How to cook :
mix all ingredients, and yummy es teller can be served

French Fries

ingredients :
2 big potatoes
vegetable oil
little salt

How to cook :
1. cut potatoes with size 6 cm x 1/2 cm
2. steam for 5 minutes and cooled
3. sprinkle cornstarch
4. heating vegetable oil and then fried potatoes

August 27, 2014

milk puding

ingredients :
1 liter fresh milk
500 grams sugar
500 mL water
5 pack agar-agar (gelatin)
1 sdm acetat acid for cake
1 sdm butter
1 teaspoon flour
1 teaspoon sugar

how to cook :
1. boiled fresh milk. add acetat acid until fresh milk thickens separated from water
2. filtered, if  the water runs out, give butter, flour, and 1 teaspoon sugar
3. roundly shape look likes balls  
4. add 5 pack agar-agar in the 500 mL water and 500 grams sugar, boiled
5. give milk balls, boiling until 45 minutes
6. enter in the gelatin mold
7. cooled and can be served

party puding

ingredients :
250 grams sugar
2 pack agar-agar (gelatin)
5 glass liquid milk
2 yellow eggs (shake)
red pasta, little essence

how to cook :
1. add agar-agar (gelatin) in the liquid milk, bring to boiling
2. add sugar and yellow eggs, slowly shake
3. lift and give little red pasta and essence, slowly shake
4. cooled and enter in the gelatin mold
5. agar-agar printed according to taste

August 25, 2014

fruit juice

ingredients :
400 mL tomato juice
300 grams papaya
50 mL fresh milk
50 mL Lemon squash syrup
1 fresh lemon
1 tbs rhum
500 grams ice cubes

How to make :
small pieces of papaya, add all ingredients and blend until smooth. fruit juice can be served

Durian Ice Cream

ingredients :
1 pieces of Durian
250 grams sugar
50 grams cornstarch
250 mL fresh milk or full cream

How to make :
1. fresh milk or full cream and sugar cooked until boiling
2. mixed cornstarch and durian (just fruit flesh)
3. add cornstarch and durian in the fresh milk and sugar, cooked until boiling
4. after boiling, cooled and enter in the refrigerator

August 19, 2014

chocolate ice cream

ingredients :
200 grams chocolate powder
200 ml fresh milk
500 grams sugars
3 yellow eggs
3 tbs corn starch
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
200 ml water

How to make :

  1. sugars, fresh milk, and vanilla powder cooked until boiling
  2. mixed corn starch, chocolate powder with water. add yellow eggs and little fresh milk. cooked until boiling
  3. after boiling, cooled and enter with refrigerator

cassava tape pudding

ingredients :
1 glass flour
1 glass sugars
1 glass coconut milk from 1/2 coconuts
1 glass cassava tape
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tbs butter

How to make :
1. puree cassava tape. stir with coconut milk
2. add flour, eggs, vanilla, salt and butter
3. stir until smooth
4. enter in a buttered baking dish, oven until cooked.
5. let it cool and cassava tape pudding can be served